​​​Amanda Payne Graduated from the European Massage Therapy School at the top of her class in 2006 with skills to work in any massage situation, but with an extra focus on medical massage and anatomy.  She earned continuing education credits in reflexology, frozen shoulder therapy, aromatherapy, sciatic pain therapy, western and eastern herbal remedies for muscle pain, PNF stretching, and home self-massage for clients in between treatments. She combines all of these techniques when tailoring a massage to meet client needs.

Becky Masters graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1996.  She started her career in the dot.com boom and is familiar with the pains and ailments of sitting at a computer all day. Becky has completed 3 marathons; she specializes in the everyday athlete.  Her massage style has been described as firm and thorough.  Specialty Techniques: Neurom­uscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage for Cervical Pain. Certifications: Intraoral Massage & Prenatal Massage (she uses  the bodyCushion™ system).  She completed YogaWorks teacher training in 2001. Becky is a licensed aesthetician at Lincoln Square Skin Care. 

Heather Lovegood graduated from TIBIA Massage School, Madison WI in 2007. Her education is rooted in personal transformation & intuition while drawing from a solid foundation of practical massage therapy skills. She has enhanced her training with the following certifications/modalities: Reiki Level 3, Holistic Health Coaching and KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instruction, Thai Massage for the mat & table, Cupping, Prenatal Massage, Transformational Bodywork, and Certification as a Holistic Doula. Sessions are adapted to your needs and held with the intention to serve your highest good. 

Janice Miller is a 1997 graduate of CSMT, is nationally certified by NCBTMB, state licensed and has studied and practiced craniosacral therapy since 1999. Her therapeutic experience includes the following techniques:  Swedish, myofascial, deep tissue, pre-natal, hot stone and craniosacral therapy.  Her goal within each session is to combine her intuition and experience to meet and support the individual needs of every client.​​ 

Jeanne Brady is a 2011 graduate of the European Massage Therapy School. With a strong foundation in Swedish and deep tissue techniques, she strives to provide clients with exceptional care in pain relief, stress reduction and overall wellness. Her training includes prenatal, PNF stretching. joint mobilization, acupressure, table Thai and Shiatsu, reflexology, medical massage, silicone cupping, hot stone and Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy, and Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE). She utilizes a variety of techniques as needed to optimize the massage for the therapeutic needs of each client.

Kirsten Austin, Licensed and Board certified, Kirsten specializes in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Vodder Trained) and is a graduate of Zen Shiatsu. Using a blend of modalities which also includes deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial release she focuses on the clients needs giving them a balanced massage session.

Kris Kloepper graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2010 and is proficient in all levels of massage therapy including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, myofascial release and hot stone. She is also certified in oncology and manual lymph drainage massage and is a recent graduate from Zen Shiatsu Chicago.

​Laura Lane graduated from the CSMT in 1998. Using a blend of myofascial release (John Barnes method), deep tissue, sports and trigger point her primary expertise lies in chronic pain relief and the acceleration of injury recovery time.  Laura works with both weekend warriors and professional athletes and has extensive experience with long distance runners and triathletes.


Loretta Yurek graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2011. She targets problem areas while allowing time for the body and mind to relax into the work. She is fluent in Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage. Loretta also provides reflexology and prenatal massages.

Nicholas "Niko" Rogue is a 2013 graduate from Blue Sky School of massage in Madison WI. He specializes in sports, deep tissue, Reiki and energetic spiritual healings.  With sports clients Niko uses a blend of stretches and deep long strokes to relieve pain and assist in getting athletes ready to perform at their peak. For energy healings, Niko brings the skills as a Reiki Master to bring clients back to center and groundedness.  

Roseann Magda Graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1994 and has taught Swedish massage for six years. Her continuing education includes prenatal, oncology and cranial-sacral therapy. Roseann's warm and healing nature will put you at ease from the moment you arrive.

Tanya Williams is a 2010 graduate from Cortiva Institute and uses a blend of Swedish, trigger point, myofascial and deep tissue to bring about a balanced and holistic healing session.  She specializes in migraine relief and sports massage. Her sessions are tailored to the needs of the clients, allowing them to have a customized and effective session that promotes muscle relief and relaxation.

Tabitha Wells graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy.  She has over eight years of experience providing exceptional relaxation, deep tissue, remedial and sports massage, and customer service of the highest standard, She is dedicated to encouraging health, well-being and relaxation for every one of her clients.

Thomas Wiley graduated from the Chicago College of Healing Arts in 2008, where he received excellent training in several bodywork modalities including Swedish massage, Shiatsu, trigger point therapy, psycho-physical therapy, orthopedic assessment/postural analysis, and cranial-sacral therapy. He recently finished a course of advanced techniques in myofascial release, and also received his certification as a Structural Therapist (similar to Rolfing).

Trevor Szuba-Schneider graduated in 2015 from the Soma Institute. Prior to that he attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Iowa in 2009.  After twenty-five years of dance performance and ten years of choreography, he is currently making massage his performance art of choice. His focus is on a full body relaxation treatment with site specific clinical work, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.