Laura Lane graduated from CSMT in 1998. Using a blend of myofascial release (John Barnes method), deep tissue, sports and trigger point, her primary expertise lies in chronic pain relief and the acceleration of injury recovery time.  Laura works with both weekend warriors and professional athletes and has extensive experience with long distance runners and triathletes.

Lock Dawson never meant to be a flesh wizard, but after receiving his BA in Creative Writing found himself teaching yoga, doing myofascial bodywork, and personally training for the next 15 years. He made the full time shift to massage and manual therapies after graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2020. He works with a casserole of modalities pulled from Myofascial Therapy, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Trigger Point Therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (including Tui Na, Cupping, and Gua Sha). He specializes in working with chronic pain, especially that born from emotional and mental spaces that manifests, often unbeknownst to us, in the physical body. He wants you to feel stronger and a little bit more easy and graceful too. He’s worked with everyone from triathletes to the elderly and wants to meet you where you are with what you need.

​Loretta Yurek graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2011. She targets problem areas while allowing time for the body and mind to relax into the work. She is fluent in Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage. Loretta also provides reflexology and prenatal massages.

Michelle Cuciulan, LMT, has been practicing therapeutic, trauma informed massage and bodywork since 2005. She is dedicated to helping others find a sense of balance and stress relief through an intuitive therapeutic touch. Combining modalities such as deep tissue, accupr­essure, myofascial release and energy work including Reiki, prenatal and postpartum massage.  Also offering trauma recovery Somatic Experiencing touch SE Touch® therapy.

Monserrat Tapia, LMT, is a 2018 graduate of Estelle Medical Academy. She is a client-focused therapist skilled in creating a tailored treatment plan based on the client's needs. She provides a relaxing, therapeutic massage using various modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports, PNF Stretching, and Myofascial release. Monserrat is bilingual in English/Spanish.

Roseann Magda Graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1994 and has taught Swedish massage for six years. Her continuing education includes prenatal, oncology and cranial-sacral therapy. Roseann's warm and healing nature will put you at ease from the moment you arrive.

Thomas Wiley Specializing in Chronic pain management and repetitive use injuries, Thomas believes in an individualized and evidence based approach to Massage therapy. In 2008 Thomas graduated from Chicago College of Healing arts. He then spent the next 14 years developing treatment plans for Chronic Neck & Shoulder pain, Migraines, Siatica, Vertigo, TMJ Dysfunction, whiplash and the rigors of "Desk jobs".  "The beauty of massage is that pain relief is almost immediate! I belive pain is our body's way of grabbing our attention. It's important to practice self care and take time to listen to your body"

Suditta Kamkrong has been an LMT since 2021.  She is proficient in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, trigger point, prenatal, sport and hot stone. She specializes in delivering a personalized massage session tailored to the client's needs.

Alysa Guyer graduated in July 2016 from Universal Spa Training Academy in Downer’s Grove, IL. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Clinical Massage, Prenatal, Hot Stone and Reiki. She gained experience from working in multiple clinics as a Chiropractic Assistant throughout the years

Amanda Payne graduated from the European Massage Therapy School at the top of her class in 2006.  Since then she has earned continuing education credits in reflexology, frozen shoulder therapy, aromatherapy, sciatic pain therapy, western and eastern herbal remedies for muscle pain, PNF stretching, and home self-massage for clients in between treatments. She combines all of these techniques when performing massage tailored to the clients needs.

Corinne Sanders is a 2004 grad of Chicago College of Healing Arts, with many years of experience in a variety of bodywork settings and a unique approach to each session, from flowing relaxation to intense deep tissue, to clinical sports massage. Listening with intention is how each session begins-and though adaptable to many approaches, Corinne’s signature style of slow and broad strokes allows the body to relax without force. She believes that effective deep tissue doesn’t need to be painful, using techniques such as fascial release, sustained pressure, joint mobilization, and stretching. Corinne also practices hot stone and is certified in prenatal massage.

Heidi Koval, a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, brings over 20 years of experience to craft a tapestry of healing. Her diverse techniques include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Ortho Bionomy, Pregnancy Massage (for the childbearing year) and a passion for John F. Barnes Myofascial Release.  Heidi’s embrace encompasses more than skilled hands; it embodies empathy and a caring presence for your path to wellness.

​​​Janice Miller is a 1997 graduate of CSMT, is nationally certified by NCBTMB, state licensed and has studied and practiced craniosacral therapy since 1999. Her therapeutic experience includes the following techniques:  Swedish, myofascial, deep tissue, pre-natal, hot stone and craniosacral therapy.  Her goal within each session is to combine her intuition and experience to meet and support the individual needs of every client.​​ 

Jeanne Brady is a 2011 graduate of the European Massage Therapy School. With a strong foundation in Swedish and deep tissue techniques, she strives to provide clients with exceptional care in pain relief, stress reduction and overall wellness. Her training includes prenatal, PNF stretching. joint mobilization, acupressure, table Thai and Shiatsu, reflexology, medical massage, silicone cupping, hot stone and Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy, and Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE). She utilizes a variety of techniques as needed to the massage for the therapeutic needs of each client.

Julia Morris is a graduate of The Soma Institute. She is a state-licensed massage therapist and is certified in prenatal massage and manual lymphatic drainage (Vodder Method). In her practice, she utilizes a variety of techniques including deep tissue, fascial release, MLD, joint mobilization, and reflexology. In her experience working alongside chiropractors, she found that she particularly enjoys helping people who struggle with headaches/migraines, mobility issues, and poor posture. Julia prioritizes educating her clients on the anatomy and functions of the body so they may carry that knowledge into their daily lives, heal effectively, and become the best version of themselves. Each session provides a relaxing, personalized experience with therapeutic relief.

​​Kirsten Austin, Licensed and Board certified, Kirsten specializes in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Vodder Trained) and is a graduate of Zen Shiatsu. Using a blend of modalities which also includes deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial release she focuses on the clients needs giving them a balanced massage session.

Kris Kloepper started her wellness journey in 2009 when she hung up her pastry chef coat so she could attend the Cortiva Institute for massage therapy where she graduated in 2010. Kris is always learning and has taken classes in myofascial release (Barnes) fascial release (Sotai) and cupping.  Other certification classes include manual lymph drainage (Vodder), oncology massage, Zen Shiatsu (Masunaga) and vibrational sound therapy.  Kris looks to combine the principles from Eastern and Western modalities that will help facilitate bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit.